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Our consulting assignments can range from hands-off advisory engagements that develop plans or monitor implementations to hands-on consulting engagements where the client requests help with implementation.

We provide our services in two areas:

Technology-Enabled Organisational Change

To survive organizations must continuously learn and change. Change programmes are typically focused on a specific functional area, such as sales or product development, or an operational area, such as customer services, that runs across multiple functions, such as sales, support and maintenance.

Technology-Enabled Organisational Transformation

Transformation affects the entire organisation. It involves the process of aligning all parts of the business in order to achieve a particular objective and make a fundamental change to what the business does or how is operates. Transformation programmes touch at the heart of an organization, its culture.

Performance Improvement

Underpinning everything we do is Performance Improvement

Whether change or transformation, the ultimate objective of the work we do it to improve the performance of the organization and help it achieve sustainable growth. We measure an organisations performance based on financial as well as non-financial measures.


We have worked with clients in both public and private sectors on company-wide transformations and function specific change programmes in areas such as product development, sales, supply chain and industrial relations.

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