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Cogneum assists business owners and managers plan and define strategy and implement business-led technology-enabled change and transformation that produces profitable products and services, improves performance and delivers sustainable growth.

Technology-Enabled Organisational Change

Technology is a key element in enabling change and transformation. Of course it does not, in itself, solve business problems, but it can be instrumental in driving change in behaviours and operational working practices. It is also essential to delivering today’s products and services in most industries. The best technology will be ineffective without an orderly deployment plan and an organisation that is ready to adopt it.

Profitable Products and Services

Having products and services that people and organisations want to buy and are profitable is essential to every organisations success. We have expertise in defining and launching products and services that do both. We have delivered successful technology-based products and services in sectors such as Broadcast TV, OTT, Security and financial services.

Performance Improvement

Underpinning everything we do is Performance Improvement

Whether products, services, internal processes or organisational structure, the ultimate objective of the work we do it to improve the performance of the organisation and help it achieve sustainable growth. We measure an organisations performance based on financial as well as non-financial measures.

We have worked with clients in both public and private sectors in the UK, USA, Europe, Asia and Africa on company-wide transformations as well as product/service launches and function specific change programs. We can provide advice up to complete turnkey solutions.

We have over 25 year experience in the media (linear TV, OTT, social, radio, print), technology (hardware and software) and financial services.

It is our ability to combine business objectives with practical technology implementation to deliver lasting change which sets us apart.

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